Team Secret is about to launch a new League of Legends team, acquiring Lowkey Esports?

Will the Lowkey Esports team members come to the same house as Puppey, Matumbaman, Yapzor of Secret, the top Dota 2 players in the world?

Team Secret is one of the greatest forces of Dota 2 in the world. Established since 2014, Team Secret has been the owner of numerous championship titles at international DOTA 2 tournaments, and the latest is the DreamLeague Season 13 Leipzig Major in late January.

In recent times, Team Secret has also invested in many different disciplines, including PUBG, Fortnite, AOE II, Rainbow 6, CS: GO, Apex Legends … And until morning Today, Team Secret is preparing to announce a project within the next 3 days, and will most likely be a new League of Legends team.

Secret will announce the new League of Legends team within the next 3 days?

LHMT gamers can easily recognize in the picture above that the image of Quan Thr Thr combined with Cowboy Thresh. This further increases the possibility that Team Secret is about to buy Lowkey Esports Vietnam, which has been rumored for a month.

Currently, since LEC and LCS teams follow a franchise model, it is difficult and nearly impossible to buy a team at LEC and LCS in the middle of the season. . Chances are, Team Secret will have to look for opportunities in other potential markets like VCS.

Team Secret will buy Team Lowkey Esports Vietnam?

Earlier this year, the LoL team of Lowkey Esports Vietnam was also said to be negotiating a franchise deal, after Lowkey Esports declared the LoL team salary of billions. One of the organizations that are believed to be negotiating the acquisition of Team Lowkey Esports Vietnam is Team Secret, a global esports organization, founded and managed by John Yao – a Chinese businessman. Quoc. Southeast Asia is also a market that Secret is still open to, but with the growing growth of Esports in the countries in this region, perhaps Team Secret could not ignore the opportunity to join the market. this school.

Besides Team Secret, some Esports organizations such as BOX Gaming or Mineski are also believed to be pursuing the Lowkey franchise, according to coach Tinikun.

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