Spelunky 2: final stretch for development, three bonus images

Originally released in 2008 on PC, redone in 2012 on Xbox 360, ported in 2013 on PS4 and PSVita then finally in 2014 on PS4, the first Spelunky will have had a long life and deserved success. It must be said that this mining adventure game with randomly generated caves was frankly well done and that the critical and commercial fallout gave ideas to its designer, Derek Yu, for a follow-up in good and due form: Spelunky 2 should therefore land this year and the man in question has just made some statements about his development at the microphone of PlayStation.

First, Derek Yu confirms that he and his team worked hard on the graphics, now much more detailed than in the last trailer and allowing effects like light or liquids to burst more and energize the environment.

Then, the content of Spelunky – which is based on the choices that the players will take during their game – will be densified here. There will be new objects, finely thought out interaction possibilities and also new characters which will serve as a bonus … or a penalty for the hero.

In addition, the developer says he has worked extensively on sound design, announced as “much more immersive” than in the predecessor album. Each zone will have its own musical theme and “each creature, trap, object and surface will be associated with a very specific series of sound effects ” .

Finally, the deathmatch mode is also discussed, here reworked in order to compete with the Adventure mode: in short, the development is progressing very well and although “No release date has yet been announced, this first” soon comes to an end “, we are told in the PlayStation Blog. As a bonus, a handful of new radiant screenshots. It’s a gift.

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