Problems with Visa and Corona Virus, Aster Contact Miracle- and Ana As a Substitute

After becoming a Minor Champion some time ago, it turned out to be a problem approaching Team Aster. They are entitled to get a slot at ESL One Los Angeles, unfortunately the Visa problem must be faced by them. In Team Aster there are some people who have never been to the United States. So, they have difficulty getting a Visa. Not only that, the Embassy in China is also on vacation due to the Corona Virus.

In addition to these two problems, they also cannot travel due to having to go through the process for 14 days before entering the United States. The manager of this team has predicted this and tried his best. However, there seems to be no hope for Sccc, Chyuan, and Fade. Finally the manager named Zhili tried another way. He contacted Miracle the carry from Nigma and ana the carry from OG. Unfortunately Nigma refused to lend his players.

There has not been an answer from either Ana or OG on this matter, if you join, of course there will be a reunion. Xxs and BoBoKa who are most likely to get visas are ex-teammates at Invictus Gaming in 2016. But still, if they can’t go with a full team it will be painful. Daisies quite dominated the minor yesterday.

Hopefully there is a bright spot from this problem. Moreover, Valve does not have enough strength to assist Team Aster in dealing with this global problem. Netizens also regretted the tight deadline between Minor and Major so that a team would have difficulty preparing traveling documents.

Source: Dotesports

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