Prince of Persia Redemption: gameplay resurfaces for this game canceled in 2011

So that, for a surprise, it’s a beautiful one. While all eyes are turned this week on Ubisoft after a mysterious domain name registration , the Prince of Persia franchise is once again being talked about through an impressive gameplay demo of a visibly canceled game, “Prince of Persia Redemption “, in development within the Montreal branch of the business. Fun fact: the video dates back to 2012 and just got noticed on YouTube … eight years later.

Images that did not fail to make Jonathan Cooper react on Twitter: the former Ubisoft employee admitted that it was actually a false gameplay, created from scratch by Khai Nguyen, Director of Animation who worked in particular on For Honor. Used to pitch a potential new Prince of Persia episode, the demo finally inspired Cooper and his team for Assassin’s Creed III, released in 2012.

We will notice the return of the dagger of time, always as practical when it comes to avoiding a fatal blow, as well as big references to a certain God of War or Uncharted: certain scenes do not hesitate to build on the gigantism specific to the fights of Kratos while other phases of platform will undoubtedly recall the desperate escapes of Nathan Drake.

A video that comforts us in our wish to see the Prince land again through an unprecedented adventure. Maybe someday.

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