LEGO Super Mario: trailer, images and info, the new Nintendo toys are revealed

Teased no later than this week , the collaboration between Nintendo and LEGO was still very mysterious until just now. Would we be entitled to a new video game? A simple skin? Toys ? It is finally towards the last hypothesis that we will have to turn since the famous Danish brand has just lifted the veil on this exclusive project: here is LEGO Super Mario, a set of miniatures and construction parts frankly interesting for everything self-respecting creative.

The fruit of a collaboration established over four years anyway , LEGO Mario will offer a toy from our famous mustachioed plumber dotted with LEDs – on the eyes, mouth and chest – and sensors to make it interact directly with the level , inspired 2D levels of video games, built beforehand. A loudspeaker will even be integrated on the famous video game icon, emitting the famous voice of voice actor Charles Martinet. Other well-known figures of the franchise are also to be declared: the Piranha Plant, the Shy Guy, Bowser Jr. or Yoshi, as well as cult items like the different bricks that are no longer presented.

Planned this year on an undetermined date, LEGO Super Mario does not yet have a price (and we cross our fingers so that the note is not too salty) but gives us a first trailer – available above – and a series of images to better seduce us. So, convinced?

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