Help Prevent Corona Virus, Faker Donates 30 Million Korean Won!

One of the League of Legends players, Faker has donated USD25 thousand or around 30 Million Korean Won for COVID-19 cases. The Korean League of Legends Championship was postponed on March 6 to ensure where the players and everyone involved in the league went.

Faker Donates 30 Million Korean Won!

LCK is certain to be on hiatus in the future until the official corona virus is fully infested. The number of confirmed corona virus cases has injured at least 7400 people, the second largest number confirmed after the country of origin of the virus, China which has 11 thousand cases with 3831 confirmed deaths.

Faker is one of the many league players who contributed to prevent the spread of the virus, with Dunplus Phoenix’s Doinb who contributed last January. “I feel sad for those who work day and night to fight COVID-19,” Faker said.

“I really want to help those who are fighting the plague and feel that donating to the Community Chest of Korea is the optimal choice. I hope everyone unites to overcome this terrible situation, and hope to see real support given to those who are needed. “Hopefully the corona virus problem will be finished soon, ya!

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