Faker – Legendary living and milestone 2000 kill points in the LCK

Let’s listen to Faker’s share of the 2000 LCK kills and important turning points in his career.

On 5/3/2020, Faker officially reached the milestone of 2000 kills after a match between T1 vs Afreeca Freeces. Although this was a match where T1 was cut off the winning chain, but Faker alone had another respectable record in the huge achievement table.

In honor of the Demon Lord, LCK Global has released a video of his career paths with the title: Faker – Legend of Life. Through the video, viewers can also learn more about the illustrious career of the greatest League of Legends player in history.

Regarding the feeling when reaching the record milestone, Faker shared: I was the first person to reach a record of 1000 kills and recently a 2000 kills in the LCK. This is the first time I have reached this milestone, so I will miss it a lot. Looking back at what went through 2000 kills, I felt that time went by quickly! “However, Faker’s goal was not to set records.

Faker yearns for trophies and victories rather than individual records

About Faker’s first kills: “I got my first kills when Ambition made a mistake. Perhaps at that time he was stressed out, I don’t think I played well at that time. Well, playing games for me is like having to do presentation exercises. Students who don’t have to worry about giving presentations, and of course, I feel very nervous. “

About the 2013-14 unbeaten season: I still remember the feeling at that time, I felt that no team could beat us. I didn’t feel any fear even in the finals, which is why I was getting more and more solo kills. It was also the time when I played games with all my passion. Even on the day off, I still spend all my time playing League, it’s my whole life so I think that helped me get a favorable result. “

Faker 2014: Play games regardless of day and night

After reaching 200 kills, Faker still doesn’t want to stop. He is still aiming for further milestones in the future: “I have got 2000 kills, that’s good but I still want more support and reduce my death to improve KDA of I am always hungry to reap the titles, so instead of records, my goal is to win and win. “

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