ESports finds opportunities in the COVID-19 epidemic

If the top sports leagues in the world have to be postponed or canceled because of COVID-19, ESports is the sport that will suffer the least.

COVID-19 is increasingly showing the dangers of rapid spread across continents. The dangerous level of COVID-19 caused the world’s top sports leagues to be halted, even canceled.

After the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, NBA, continental tournaments like EURO 2020 and the biggest sports tournament on the 2020 Olympic Olympics could not happen. However, in the worldwide sports crisis, ESports still has a strong foothold.

It cannot be said that esports is not affected by COVID-19, but compared to other sports, ESports is still much more fortunate, even in some areas, there are still great developments. degree.

VCS Spring is a rare tournament still held in Vietnam at this time

When the government recommended that people stay home to avoid COVID-19, the number of people watching game livestreams was on the rise. According to unofficial studies, the number of people watching League of Legends streamers on YouTube has increased by approximately 20%.

For the Empire department, the live view of the matches on Facebook also increased impressively. Top 2 gamers also have around 500 live viewers, something they have never done before.

Top 1 gamers also have approximately 2,000 live viewers regardless of whether it’s morning, lunch or evening. As the digital age boomed, fans came to online games as a way to stay entertained, so ESports is clearly benefiting. “I even increased the time the livestream still had followers, the number of viewers increased.” an anonymous Empire player.

In Korea, the LCK is still going on steadily but the audience is not featured

n Vietnam, if sports tournaments are forced to cancel, the Spring VCS is a rare event still held and gives fans impressive performances of the top League of Legends teams in Vietnam. Male.

Similarly at the Chinese or Korean translation center, the League of Legends LPL or LCK tournament still takes place in the arena even without an audience, but the number of online viewers is increasing. Clearly COVID-19 is a challenge but also an opportunity for ESports to grow.

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