Epic Games Store: Check out the next free games, a classic horror in the pile

The generosity (and its will to crush the forceful competition) of Epic Games is undeniable and, without ever failing, the firm has just announced the games that will be offered next week on its famous platform, the Epic Games Store. And the American giant was right in proposing two very different pearls from each other: the first is Crashlands, a very complete Action-RPG released in 2016, particularly well built and developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans. Some people tend to say that it is under-side and with an average of 93 on Metacritic (for its iOS version, at least, 78 on PC), they are probably right. 

The second game is none other than Amnesia: The Dark Descent, designed by Frictional Games and released in 2010. Here, we touch the verge of horror with this stressful adventure, placing the player in the skin from Daniel, a man left to himself in a mysterious and haunted castle. Particularly based on riddles and stress management, the Swedish studio delivered here a very nice size which had also been remastered on consoles in 2016. Note that a new opus, Amnesia Rebirth, was announced there little by little with an oppressive first trailer .

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