Dota 2 changed the Rank Roles matchmaking system

In the latest update, the matchmaking system will no longer divide into Core / Support but will be divided into 5 roles with high to low proficiency. Proficiency for roles will be calculated based on the last 100 games.

If the player finds a match in your role that is, the position where you have the highest proficiency, he will find the match with his highest MMR. And if you look in the locations with lower proficiency points, players will find matches with lower MMR.

The new ranked role system of Dota 2 is divided into 5 roles with proficiency (level) from high to low

Example: The player who reaches 4000 MMR with 80% of the matches is Carry Pos 1, then when searching for Rank Roles by Carry, you will meet 9 other people at rank 4000. But if you choose Mid or Offlane, when you Find matches will meet opponents at 3700 – 3800.

Win or lose, the system will add / subtract enough points into the player’s MMR.

Purge supports Dota 2’s new Rank Roles system

Kevin “Purge” Godec, a caster and former professional Dota 2 player, said the new Rank Roles match finder system is a positive one, which will help the average player, who often has to play many roles. different. In addition, the system will also help players ready to try in different positions in Dota 2.

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